LOUDER THAN LOVE -Amazing Grande Ballroom Era Photos

LOUDER THAN LOVE -Amazing Grande Ballroom Era Photos

I have been getting a lot of inquires about some of the fabulous photos and images that fill the LOUDER THAN LOVE film. All the photos that you see throughout the film have been licensed for their use specifically for the project but if anyone is interested in purchasing some of them, you can buy directly from the photographers themselves.

Check out the amazing works of Tom Weschler at the following link:


Grande pictures-Tom Weschler 004 Grande pictures-Tom Weschler 007 Grande pictures-Tom Weschler 002

One thought on “LOUDER THAN LOVE -Amazing Grande Ballroom Era Photos

  1. Dennis Loren

    Hi Tony,

    I saw your “Louder Than Love” documentary at the Sabastapol Film Festival courtesy of you and The Rock Poster Society (TRPS) members. I’m from Detroit and I LOVE THE FILM. It featured so many of my old friends: Gary Grimshaw, Leni Sinclair, Carl Lundgren, Wayne Kramer, John Sinclair. Russ Gibb and many others. I ran into Emil Bacilla in the theatre lobby. He lives in Sabastapol and we had a nice chat before the film started. TRPS president, Marty Hohn, has asked me to write a review of the movie for the next TRPS newsletter. When will the DVD be avaible for purchase.

    My best always, Dennis Loren


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