Artist Gary Grimshaw to be celebrated Saturday with music, Grande film

Artist Gary Grimshaw to be celebrated Saturday with music,Grande film.

On Saturday, family, friends, fans and a slew of musicians will gather to celebrate his life and the music of that era at A Night of Grande Love, an event featuring Grimshaw’s work, a film chronicling the story of the legendary Grande Ballroom and live music performances.

“The night will begin with the screening of the award-winning film “Louder Than Love: The Grande Ballroom Story,” a documentary about the storied venue, directed by local filmmaker Tony D’Annunzio,who says he realized early in his research that Grimshaw was an integral player in the Grande story.

“It was almost at the very beginning that I saw how important Gary’s work was in telling the story,” says D’Annunzio. “He made the very first Grande poster from the very first night it opened. … Gary was deeply involved with this new culture that was growing here in Detroit. So much so, that because he was a graphic artist, he used his talents much like the musicians used theirs. It was a creative outlet that went hand-in-hand with the intensity of the Detroit sound that was coming out of the Grande at that time.”


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