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Gary Grimshaw: Detroit’s Counterculture Poster Artist Opening Reception October 30 2014 | 6:00pm to 9:00pm

Gary Grimshaw: Detroit’s Counterculture Poster Artist Opening Reception

October 30 2014 | 6:00pm to 9:00pm

Join us for a night of psychedelic art and music as we showcase the iconic rock n’ roll posters of Detroit artist, Gary Grimshaw (1946-2014). The night will also include a screening of the award-winning documentary, Louder than Love, highlighting the Grande Ballroom at the height of its popularity in the late 60s.

Thursday, October 30 6 pm-9 pm Detroit Historical Museum 5401 Woodward Avenue, Midtown

Beer generously provided by Atwater Brewery. Food will be available for purchase. Reproductions of Gary Grimshaw’s most iconic posters will be available for purchase.

Your support makes events like this possible and your donations are always appreciated!

Please confirm your attendance with Nova Zorok at 313.833.1262 or


Sound Check: Friends pay tribute to late Detroit artist Gary Grimshaw

Sound Check: Friends pay tribute to late Detroit artist Gary Grimshaw

“Back in January, veteran Detroit radio personality Doug Podell and filmmaker Tony D’Annunzio (“Louder Than Love — The Grande Ballroom Story”) planned this weekend’s salute to famed Detroit poster artist Gary Grimshaw as a fundraiser to help with his mounting medical expenses.


And Grimshaw’s death on Jan. 13 at the age of 67 did not change their resolve to honor him.


“It becomes a memorial and a tribute to him and his work,” D’Anunzio says. “He may be gone, but this is a way to remember him.”


City Slang: Gary Grimshaw memorial concert on Saturday

City Slang: Gary Grimshaw memorial concert on Saturday

Gary Quackenbush, Scott Morgan, Dick Wagner and John Sinclair will all perform at a memorial concert for poster artist Gary Grimshaw this Saturday, March 22. The show takes place at New York New York, inside the Premiere Center on 23 Mile Rd. in Chesterfield.

They say, “Showing Tony D’Annunzio’s award winning film Louder Then Love – The Grande Ballroom Story and live performances by Gary Quackenbush from SRC , Scott Morgan from the Rationals, and Dick Wagner and Friends from the Frost…all to Benefit Gary Grimshaw Family and Wife Laura Grimshaw…legendary artist for the Grande Ballroom Posters.



Artist Gary Grimshaw to be celebrated Saturday with music, Grande film

Artist Gary Grimshaw to be celebrated Saturday with music,Grande film.

On Saturday, family, friends, fans and a slew of musicians will gather to celebrate his life and the music of that era at A Night of Grande Love, an event featuring Grimshaw’s work, a film chronicling the story of the legendary Grande Ballroom and live music performances.

“The night will begin with the screening of the award-winning film “Louder Than Love: The Grande Ballroom Story,” a documentary about the storied venue, directed by local filmmaker Tony D’Annunzio,who says he realized early in his research that Grimshaw was an integral player in the Grande story.

“It was almost at the very beginning that I saw how important Gary’s work was in telling the story,” says D’Annunzio. “He made the very first Grande poster from the very first night it opened. … Gary was deeply involved with this new culture that was growing here in Detroit. So much so, that because he was a graphic artist, he used his talents much like the musicians used theirs. It was a creative outlet that went hand-in-hand with the intensity of the Detroit sound that was coming out of the Grande at that time.”


MovieMaker Magazine interviews producer/director Tony D’Annunzio

MovieMaker Magazine interviewed producer/director Tony D’Annunzio to “Showcase the innovative works by emerging Filmmakers from around the World”


This week’s edition of New Filmmakers LA is jam-packed with moviemaking wisdom & to showcase the innovative works by emerging filmmakers from around the world

LOUDER THAN LOVE at DOCWEEK 2014/Australia: Louder Than Love is both a historical essay and a love letter.

LOUDER THAN LOVE has been invited to DOCWEEK 2014 in Adelaide, Australia March 4th -9th

DOCWEEK An International Documentary Festival



DocWeek is Australia’s international documentary event, celebrating documentary film and television.

Returning in 2014, DocWeek brings the best of international documentary filmmaking to Adelaide.

It is a week long documentary film festival – a celebration of hard hitting, experimental, moving, fun and engaging documentaries, as well as master classes, filmmaker conversations, and parties.

Not only has LOUDER been invited but it is the OPENING NIGHT PREMIERE FILM for the “KICK OUT THE JAMS”

DocWeek and Lost City are proud to present the opening night film for Kick Out the Jams – Louder Than Love: The Grande Ballroom Story.

This is your backstage pass to the legendary Detroit rock music scene of the late 60’s. Home to an eminent change in America’s music culture, the Grand-e launched Michigan bands such as MC5 and the Stooges.

A film by Tony D’Annunzio
This is your backstage pass to the legendary Detroit rock music scene of the late 60’s.
The Grande Ballroom was home to an eminent change in America’s music culture. It pumped a daring and gritty style of rock and roll for crowds who worked hard and played hard.Launching Michigan bands such as MC5, Alice Cooper and the Stooges, the Grande was also a hot ticket for the greats, including Led Zeppelin, B.B. King, Janis Joplin and Pink Floyd.
Louder Than Love is both a historical essay and a love letter.
It’s the story of promoter Russ Gibbs and his ambitious vision to define Detroit through music.And not just for the local scene – but for the world-stage.

Richly filled with images and captivating interviews with everyone from rock legends to groupies, this film celebrates a striking and influential moment in music history.


It’s already getting some great reviews and is one of the more highly anticipated films of this festival

“Arguably even more enticing is ”Kick Out The Jams”, a series of documentaries on Detroit, including Louder Than Love (pictured), about the history of the Grande Ballroom, which played host to The MC5, The Stooge, Alice Cooper and the like.”

“A Night Of Grand Love” Gary Grimshaw Benefit hosted by WCSX’s Doug Podell March 22, 2014

“A Night Of Grand Love” Gary Grimshaw Benefit hosted by WCSX’s Doug Podell March 22, 2014

Gary Grimshaw Benefit Poster

Hosted By 94.7 WCSX, Doug Podell & John Sinclair!
Showing Tony D’Annunzio’s award winning film “Louder Then Love – The Grande Ballroom Story” and Live performances by Gary Quackenbush from SRC , Scott Morgan from The Rationals, and Dick Wagner and Friends from The Frost…all to Benefit Gary Grimshaw Family and Wife Laura Grimshaw…legendary artist for The Grande Ballroom Posters. The Family has insurmountable bills to pay so the Detroit & Michigan Rock community is stepping up to help. There will also be a Rock Auction of classic memorabilia some from Gary’s Personal collection. Many special guests and friends are expected to be there and play.
House/Doors at 4:30 Donation of $15 for Movie and Concert or $10 for just Concert…Hope to see you all there .
Doug Podell

Louder Than Love is the Award Winning Documentary about the legendary Grande Ballroom Directed by Tony D’ Annunzio.
LOUDER THAN LOVE is the story of the Grande Ballroom in Detroit Michigan. The Grande Ballroom was the birthplace of the Detroit Rock Music Scene. Bands like MC5, Iggy & The Stooges, Ted Nugent & The Amboy Dukes, Alice Cooper and many more got their start here.
The Grande not only influenced local Detroit musicians but inspired bands from all over the US & from Europe. Legendary acts like Led Zeppelin, The Cream, BB King, Janis Joplin, Pink Floyd and the Who graced the stage at the Grande on a regular basis.
While the west coast was groovin’ to the sounds of the “Summer of Love” in 1967, Detroit was pumping out a hard driving,gritty and raw sound that was “LOUDER THAN LOVE”

Tickets can be purchased the night of Event. Movie and concert $15.00
Concert from 7 to end of night $10.00

5:00 announcement, introduction, “a bit about the evening” from Doug Podell

5:30 to 7:00 Movie showing “Louder than Love”.

8 to 8:30 SRC Band

9 to 9:30 Scott Morgan

10 to 11:00 Dick Wagner

In between bands Doug Podell will be doing short raffles, prize give a ways) etc.

After show still Jamming/music/party and announcements by your host Doug Podell

Gary Grimshaw Biography

“If he hadn’t been the poster artist for the counterculture, he could have been its poster child.”

Quote: Michigan’s 100 Greatest Artists and Entertainers of the Twentieth Century Listing Published by The Detroit Free Press

Gary Grimshaw is a graphic artist of exceptional talent who has an extraordinary history and character; meeting life on his own terms and often against the establishment. He was born in Detroit, Michigan in 1946 and graduated from nearby Lincoln Park High School. His Grandfather was a designer at GM’s Fisher Body Oldsmobile plant, his Dad a mechanical engineer. Marjory Grimshaw instilled a love of books and music in her young son Gary who loved to draw cars and comics and considered himself a writer. The oldest with two younger sisters, Gary left home at an early age but continues to be close to his sisters. He has created art work professionally since the age of twenty – that’s four decades of music-related graphic art and counting. In 2011 just months after returning home from a serious health odyssey, Gary worked on the Concert of Colors poster and several PJ’s Lager House designs. In 2012 he began a licensing of his work in earnest; partnering with Detroit Urban Design Studios. Laura Grimshaw, his wife of twenty years, closely contributes to keep Gary’s past body of work in the public eye.

At the start of his career Gary became well known as the Grande Ballroom artist and later as the MC5 artist. These works stand out as the centerpiece of an enormously prolific output of art from the mid-1960’s to the late 1970’s. He became part of a dynamic collective of intellectuals, promoters, poets, artists, musicians – people that spent many years together in some form or another and in different circles of interest. For instance, as a Vietnam veteran he was an anti-war activist and a key player in the White Panther Party; he worked to reform unfair law and unjust incarcerations. His contribution was through art and his art inspired and energized the people. He was a member of Trans-Love Energies and The Rainbow People’s Party. He worked on newspapers, magazines, did posters to advertise music events, did record album covers. Gary worked with Underground Press Syndicate icons The San Francisco Oracle and the Ann Arbor Sun. Gary has just completed a book with Leni Sinclair that documents this celebrated era in the history of Detroit. It features a sample of his enormous output during the first fifteen or so years of his career and dynamic photography of his friend Leni Sinclair and is called “Detroit Rocks!”. Back in the late seventies he also worked with the legendary rock magazine Creem as an associate art director. During this time he and his then-wife had a son named Alan Morgan Grimshaw. Gary’s son continues the Grimshaw art and design tradition with his own career.

LOUDER THAN LOVE:The Excellence of 2013: Musical Documentaries

The Excellence of 2013: Musical Documentaries

2013 brought us quite a few musical documentaries (and even a couple of docu-dramas).  Once again The Filtered Excellence was there to find it all. Enjoy the year’s best!

Louder Than Love – The Grande Ballroom Story.  During the late 1960s, there was a major player in the Detroit rock scene and it happened to be a concert venue. The Grand Ballroom was the place that launched careers and became a destination for rock bands from across the United States and Great Britain. It was the venue to play in Detroit. “Louder Than Love’ tells the story of the Grande Ballroom and the incredible talent that crossed its stage. Acts like MC5, Iggy and the Stooges, Cream, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Janis Joplin and so many others got loud with the Grande Ballroom’s amazing acoustics. “Louder Than Love” has a special screening on Sunday, October 13th at 2:30pm at the Landmark Sunshine Cinema in New York City. Keep an eye on their website for a screening near you. (10-10-13)

Psychedelic Rock Poster Artist Gary Grimshaw Dead at 67

Psychedelic Rock Poster Artist Gary Grimshaw Dead at 67

The rock world lost one of its pioneering concert poster artists on Monday when Gary Grimshaw passed away at the age of 67 in his home town of Detroit after a long battle with a variety of illnesses.

Grimshaw was best-known for the iconic psychedelic posters he created for concerts at Detroit’s Grande Ballroom, part of a circuit of 60s venues that played host all the major rock bands of the time from homegrown heroes to visiting British artists such as the Who, Cream, the Jeff Beck Group, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd. Grimshaw was also closely associated with the MC5, which served as the Grande’s house band.

“I wanted to do posters like they were doing out in San Francisco, at the Fillmore, and (MC5 frontman) Rob Tyner, recommended Gary,” Grande owner Russ Gibb said after learning of Grimshaw’s death. “He was the easiest guy in the world to work with; I’d give him the outline, never said what to do and how to do it, and he did it great, always.”

Gary Grimshaw’s Work — Click Here for More

Love-In Detroit at Belle Isle, 1967

Jim Hendrix at the Masonic, 1968

MC5 guitarist Wayne Kramer, who along with Tyner grew up with Grimshaw in Lincoln Park, south of Detroit, remembered that, “As kids, Gary Grimshaw was the best artist in our neighborhood,” said MC5 guitarist Wayne Kramer, who grew up with the Detroit-born Grimshaw in Lincoln Park. “We drew hot rod cars and he knew the secret of how to capture chrome, which made him the coolest to a greaser like me. Of course, Gary became a truly great artist and friend and his art made the world a more beautiful place.”

Grimshaw’s art — highly collectible and even enshrined in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame + Museum in Cleveland — has long been considered as representative of the 60s counterculture era as the work done by any of his counterparts on either coasts.

“He started an art form that wasn’t there prior,” noted Tony D’Annunzio, director of the documentary “Louder Than Love: The Grande Ballroom Story.” “He wasn’t a musician, but that whole culture that was going on then, he wanted to be part of it. When he got the chance, he jumped at it.”

Scott Morgan of the Rationals and Sonic’s Rendezvous Band recalled Grimshaw’s posters as “just excellent work. It really caught the spirit and the energy of the times.”

Grimshaw, who served in the U.S. Navy during the early 60s, was also part of Detroit’s burgeoning political and anti-war movements. He served as the Minister of Art for the White Panther Party and also worked for the Rainbow Peoples Party, the Detroit Artists Workshop, the Fifth Estate underground newspapers and Trans-Love Energies. He was also responsible for overturning the city of Detroit’s obscenity ordinance in 1969, when the Michigan Court of Appeals overturned a lower court ruling that one of his works was obscene. He lived briefly in the San Francisco Bay Area during the a late 60s and early 70s, then returned for a 14-year stay in the late 80s.

Besides posters, he contributed artwork to the Ann Arbor Sun, the San Francisco Oracle and other underground publications, and he was associate art director for Creem magazine. He and photographer Leni Sinclair published the book “Detroit Rocks: A Pictorial History of Motor City Rock and Roll (1965 to 1975)” in 2012, and in recent years he continued to make posters for bands, including the White Stripes and the Detroit Cobras, and had begun actively exhibiting and licensing his work. He visited Brooklyn during the fall for successful exhibitions and signings.

Grimshaw is survived by his wife, Laura, and their son, Alan, who is also an artist and designer. Funeral arrangements for this weekend are pending, while “A Night of Good Love,” which was intended to be a benefit for Grimshaw, will go on as a memorial on March 22 in Mount Clemens, Mich., with performances by Scott Morgan, Dick Wagner & Friends and Gary Quackenbush of SRC. More information about Grimshaw can be found at

Its Official!! LOUD PRODUCTIONS LLC has signed with ARSENAL PICTURES in Los Angeles.

Its Official!!  
After almost 2 years of Sold Out Festival and Exhibit screenings,LOUD Productions LLC & ARSENAL PICTURES will be working together to get LOUDER THAN LOVE-The Grande Ballroom Story available on DVD and Internet Streaming sites.

I have been receiving  a lot of DVD requests and I’m very thankful for all the interest and support that everyone has been giving the project. Arsenal Pictures is aggressively working to get the DVD’s out & available for public purchase ASAP.  As much as I was hoping to have them available for a holiday release/purchase,I don’t have a release date as of yet but believe me,I want to get these out ASAP too!!!

I want to thank  Yarek Danielak,Iwona Ash,Paula Marshall and the rest of the Arsenal Pictures staff for helping to bring LOUDER story to the global market.
A very big THANK YOU to Howard Hertz and the entire Hertz,Schram PC staff for all guidance and legal expertise through this process.

Most importantly, all the LOUDER FB fans for all the love,support and ongoing interest in the film and wanting to have a piece of ROCK AND ROLL History for their very own.
Thanks for your patience!!

Tony D’Annunzio